Private Sessions


Dealing with an injury, agitation, excess emotions, or discomfort in the body can be challenging. Christy has a multitude of techniques to help you discover and understand your body and what it needs to find some relief and support. She has been working with bodies for 20 years — studying a myriad of movement and healing techniques. From personal training and forms of functional movement to various eastern techniques including Katonah Yoga®, Meridian Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Sound Therapy, Acupressure, and Taoist Theory — Christy will empower you with the tools you need to live a little more comfortably and confidently in your body. In your one-on-one sessions, expect to understand your body on a deeper level, maybe be challenged mentally and/or physically, and perhaps discover some places you haven’t been in awhile. All of this while fully integrating the body for more functional and powerful body and mind. You will leave feeling re-connected and re-calibrated.

Christy Maskeroni Price also holds a Masters in Nutrition and Applied Physiology from Columbia University, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Certified Yoga and Katonah Yoga® Teacher, and Certified Personal Trainer. She has recently completed over 1000 hours in herbal education and continues to deepen her connection and understanding of plants and plant medicine. She is also the owner of ALULA COLLECTIVE.

These sessions can be done with one or two people. Any more, and it becomes a private group class (see below). These one-on-ones can also be done virtually if needed.

To book your first one-on-one session, reach out to Christy:

Private Group Session

Looking for an alternative to regular classes? Have a group of friends or colleagues that you want to connect with in a different environment? Want to celebrate a friends birthday or create a special occasion? We can tailor a class to fit you and your friends needs.

Especially in these COVID times, it might feel more comfortable to be surrounded by people you know while taking care of yourselves. Here are some of our private group offerings. Again, these can also be tailored to better suit your needs.
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Alula Yoga

Organizing yourself through proper measure and technique is where the magic is found; it is how we see our bodies transform. It is through proper alignment that your body finds support to change how it functions. This class weaves theory, geometry, Taoist theory, pranayama, and formal archetypes to create an incredibly dynamic practice inspired by Katonah Yoga®. If we open ourselves up to change, we see growth. We create an open state for energy to flow, our bodies to change, and a higher vision to be seen, ultimately cultivating more joy in life.
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alula Restorative

Slow it down and support function. This is a practice to support the nervous system utilizing time, breath, and props. The use of heavy props and boundaries helps release the effort into a greater sense of ease so the mind and body can find a deeper state of rest. An integration of classic restorative, pranayama, and Alula Yoga.
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It takes a multitude of techniques to support the body. We need the tools to calm us, to energize us, to stimulate us, to support different functions of the body. You wouldn’t sit in a house that is on fire, right? This first part of class will take you through several breath techniques to cool things off, clean things up, and organize the mind and body. You’ll clear space to finish the practice in a guided meditation.
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alula Sound Meditation

We are all vibratory beings reacting to to the fluctuation of vibrations in our environment all the time. We have the ability to react in resonance with the most powerful frequency that is surrounding us. For the body to be in its optimal state, it needs to tap into a slower frequency often. Sound is an incredible way to help get us there.

In this session, Christy M Price will soothe you in the vibratory sounds from several instruments — crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and Tibetan bowls — all attuned to tap into a more meditative, harmonious, restful state.

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches ever part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies." — Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
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alula Sound Meditation + Restorative

Our Sound Meditation description with the addition of our Restorative Yoga.
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alula Sound Meditation + Acupuncture

Our Sound Meditation description with the addition of Acupuncture by Amy Adams.