n. A specialized structure of the upper leading edge of a bird’s wing that consists of a tuft of short, stiff flight feathers attached to the movable first wing digit corresponding to the thumb and that facilitates flight, landing, and maneuverability at slow speeds.

While easy to overlook, the alula is essential to a modern bird’s aerodynamics. — Tom Walters

Alula Collective is a merging of ideas and modalities to cultivate a healthy, sustainable, more joyful life. Like nature, life is full of opposing forces working to disrupt our delicately balanced rhythms.

Here at Alula, we’ve got a few techniques that better integrate the polarities of life so that you too can maneuver through life a little more gracefully.

Alula was created as space to grow, expand, and create with others. A place that is inclusive. And, authentic. A place where we can share what keeps us well, connected, integrated, and joyful.

The idea of ALULA was birthed with the idea that it can evolve as I / we evolve. What started as a fully integrated yoga and wellness studio has emerged into our cozy backyard studio space in our neighborhood in East Dallas where we share yoga classes, workshops, and create slow batch plant products to balance our rhythms.

All classes are taught by Christy unless specified. Join us for a class, a workshop, a training. Or, shop some of our favorite sustainably minded products.

We'd love a visit from you!