Pay It


At ALULA COLLECTIVE, one of our goals is making yoga, education, and wellness accessible to everyone in our city.  To help achieve this goal, we have developed the ALULA Pay it Forward Program.

ALULA Pay It Forward is an opportunity for those that have had difficulty making yoga and wellness a consistent routine due to financial barriers.

This program simply allows for yoga and wellness to become a more integrated part of their lives.  This is also an opportunity for those that want to give the gift of yoga and wellness to others by paying for a class, a package, or a membership for those that want to make ALULA COLLECTIVE a larger part of their lives.  We are all a part of the same human collective.  Let’s continue to support each other.
If you are interested in being a giver or the recipient, please email

Here is what has been kindly given and is still currently available. This will be updated regularly.

Available Gifts

01 —

5 Pack Of Yoga Classes

02 —

10 Pack of Yoga Classes

03 —

1 month membership

04 —

1 Year Membership